Gmail Password Guidelines

Set the password is one of the most important steps when signing up for Gmail. So what are the golden rules to set a Gmail password? How to create a strong Gmail password to protect your account, avoid forgetting password. Here are necessary guidelines for you.

If you haven’t had a Gmail account, you can refer to our previous post to sign up gmail.



– Password must contain at least 8 characters.

– Avoid using simple words or phrases which make your password easier to guess such as 12345678, abcdefgh, password

– Don’t use personal information or common words as a password.

– Use a mix of capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols to increase security.

– Should use special characters in your Gmail password. Example: ! @ # $% ^ & * () _ +?

– Do not set Gmail password same as your Facebook password, computer password…

– Copy your Gmail passwords in a secret location to avoid forgetting.

– Remember the secret questions to recover your Gmail password.

– Should enable 2-verification for your Gmail account.

These are the golden rules when setting your Gmail password. Additionally, you should regularly change your Gmail password to avoid losing the account. When accessing Gmail in public places, you should change password immediately afterwards to protect your account.