Losing Gmail password – Causes and how to recover

You have accidentally forgotten or lost your Gmail passwords, then Gmail login will fail. And you’re not sure how to get back Gmail password and overcome this situation. If so, do not worry much because in this post we will show you the causes and how to recover Gmail password.
Gmail is the most popular email service in the world nowadays. You can easily sign up for Gmail with a couple of simple steps. Gmail help you send and receive text, attachments, photos… very quickly. However, in the process of using, your Gmail account easily stolen by many causes.

1.Create a password that is easy to guess
If your password is 123456, password, 111111, 000000, your name, your birthday …, your account will get risk of being stolen anytime.
Creating an easy to guess password is the most common cause of losing password.


2.Save password on Browser
This is taboo when you use a public computer to sign in to Gmail. The next users might steal your password by going to the Settings section.
– Don’t tick on the “Stay signed in” box:


– Don’t select Save Password.

3.Using hacking password software.
This is a typical example for “an eye for an eye”. You might completely lose your Gmail password when downloading hacking password software to computer.
4.Creating the same passwords
You set password of Game, Facebook, Zalo … like Gmail password, and if one of them leaked, your Gmail account may be stolen anytime.

Refer How to recover Gmail password when you losing Gmail account. Depending on each case you can recover or not. Goodluck!