Schedule Email Messages in Gmail

Boomerang is an extension for Firefox and Google Chrome, which lets you schedule an email to be sent later in Gmail. Also, you can schedule to recall messages sent to your inbox a certain time.

If you haven’t had a Gmail account, refer to our post on How to sign up Gmail account here.

After installing, your Gmail interface will appear an item called Boomerang that help you manage emails scheduled to send. In the new composing interface, Send Later button also added to schedule emails. After composing your message, click Send Later and select the time you want to send it from the drop-down menu: after an hour, a week, or a month… To select a more specific time, type date and time to send in the At a specific time box and click Confirm.


Before sending, you can schedule to receive that email in your inbox. This feature helps you keep track of messages sent or remind about a certain event. Tick the Boomerang this message box and choose the condition to get back email in the next box, including: if I don’t hear back, even if someone replies. Click on 2 days to select time to get back email.


To view the emails scheduled, click on Boomerang section in Gmail, select Manage scheduled messages. The scheduled messages to be sent later is located in Messages to Send Later item and the scheduled messages to get back is located in Messages to Boomerang item. Click on Reschedule to reschedule for your email, Send Now to send immediately, or Don’t Send to cancel sending email.


Note: Boomerang just works on the Gmail mailbox supported English language. After installation, you will have one month to use Boomerang unlimited the number of mailing or receiving. After one month, you just allowed to schedule up to 10 messages per month.