Sending email with Gmail

Gmail is one of the most popular email services in the world nowadays which sends and receives messages super fast.

If you haven’t had a Gmail account, create a Gmail account then sign in to your Gmail using addresses:

Click the “COMPOSE” button to display Composing Mail window

The window of “Compose” of Gmail is larger (If you want to shrink as Step 3, click the double arrow).

In the first field, enter the email address of recipients. You can send to any address (yahoo mail, zing mail…) or send to multiple email at once.

Type the email subject, content and finally click Send to send your email. Successful mail sending will be notified. You can review the messages in the Sent Mail in Gmail’s left menu.


Note: While composing a message, your message will be automatically saved in the Drafts until submitted.

Wish you successful!